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It’s how we behave in the bad times that defines us – beware of ‘false-faces’

Posted by Lee on May 7, 2009

sa-two-faceWorking in an agency and speaking at various conferences means that you mingle with a cross-section of business people, and this means you hear a lot. A lot of information and gossip.

As we enter our Southern Hemisphere winter, we are all feeling the chill winds of the global recession down here in NZ, and quite obviously, businesses are now coming to terms with some harsh new realities. The most optimistic amongst us realize that against a background of plummeting sales, companies are faced with some ugly choices around reducing costs. And the ugliest of these is to make employees redundant. Read the rest of this entry »


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New Movies 2009 – District 9 is coming….

Posted by Lee on May 4, 2009

Even though we are in the midst of a crippling recession, all the talk is of 2009 being the year that Hollywood fights back, and with the release of the new StarTrek, Harry Potter etc, they could  be right. It seems that in times of economic recession, people crave escapism from their day to day lives.

However, there’s another movie due to open in August this year – virtually ignored by the mainstream media, but District 9 could become the ‘sleeper’ hit of the year.

I had the good fortune to meet the Director, Neill Blomkamp a couple of years ago when he was down in  NZ working with Peter Jackson and Weta Workshops’ Richard Taylor. He was originally here to direct Halo – the movie.

Neill’s showreel included some awesome gritty ‘reportage / documentary’ style, short sci-fi movies including Alive in Jo’burg and  Tetra Vaal,  and from  the trailer for District 9 above, it looks like the movie will be a real treat (Independence Day Vs Alien Nation perhaps?), but in Blomkamp’s gritty, super-realistic style.

Peter Jackson is the Producer for District 9 and although the Halo project didn’t come off this time around, it seems Neill’s time in NZ was not altogether wasted.

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Time to look for a new agency?

Posted by Lee on April 24, 2009

anger-marUK’s Revolution magazine focuses on digital marketers and agencies, have published a light hearted but telling survey for companies who may be thinking about the depth of the relationship they have with their own agency.

Although the ‘test’ is written for marketers and it is about digital agencies, it is a great thought starter that can be applied to any client and agency discipline.

So go on, take the test here –  because in the current economic climate, it may help to reassure you that your relationship is ok, or confirm that it is time to start divorce proceedings.

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What really are the most popular 99 songs online today?

Posted by Lee on April 17, 2009

hunted_logoWe all know that the industry’s music charts are notoriously unreliable and irrelevant in this age of digital music and global digital citizens.

For a start, there is no  ‘standardisation’ between competing chart compilers and channels within the same country, let alone on an international basis.

In the physical world, charts are built on shipped albums. Online, traditionally, they have been a count of digital downloads and while under the traditional economic model, ‘sales are king’, it could be that in this era of networked global communities and illegal downloads, the measure of a band’s influence and buzz is an even richer vein to tap into.

This is where We Are Hunted comes in. They pitch themselves as the music chart for the digital generation and generate their 99 most popular songs online each day.

The We Are Hunted charts’ point of difference is that it tracks sentiment, expression and advocacy relating to particular songs. In their words “We aggregate social networks, forums, music blogs, Torrents, P2P networks and Twitter to develop a daily chart of the most popular songs online”.

A chart based upon ‘buzz’ and the amount of conversation a song has generated means that you can be exposed to songs, bands and genres that you may not ever come across across if you just rely on your own local radio stations.

Is it going to help these bands sell their songs? Well, some of these artists will be exposed to a whole new global audience and that has to be helpful, not only for music sales, but also for getting live audiences when doing overseas tours.

Check out We Are Hunted and if you like any particular song you come across, you can buy it by clicking through to iTunes.

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Adfest 2009 – the festival begins

Posted by Lee on March 19, 2009

We did our final round of judging, to select the ‘Cyber Lotus Best in Show’, and to nominate some work for the new Lotus Roots category.
Like the other judging rounds, there was passionate discussion by all members of the jury, and we’re totally satisfied with what we’ve selected as the 2009 ‘Best in Show’, but again, details will be kept under wraps until Saturday evening’s Awards Ceremony.

Adfest 2009The festival officially opened today, and after the official opening, things kicked off with the Gunn Report 2008 – Asia Pacific Edition. Read the rest of this entry »

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Good – They’re elected, so why am I conflicted?

Posted by Lee on November 10, 2008


Good for the world
I, like millions of others in the world, sighed with relief when Barak Obama was elected President of the USA. Years of the Bush legacy have left the international reputation of the USA in tatters. As far as the rest of the world was concerned, the USA had become the nation to distrust, and the desire for change was paramount. With the current economic woes of the world, a young, dynamic non-Republican US President, someone with oodles of energy and vitality to drive positive change, seems like a good prescription for the future.
Saying that, I also felt sorry for McCain. I have no doubt that he is a good, honorable patriot but he seemed like a man out of time – ten years out of time in terms of being the Republican candidate of choice. Read the rest of this entry »

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Is this the best US political ad ever?

Posted by Lee on October 27, 2008

No, I’m not talking about the politics, nor the rights and wrongs of it – I’m merely looking at the topicality, the relevance, and the nostalgic take on a series of classic TVCs from a US power brand in a wealthier, (happier?) time. Made for the internet by the gifted guys at 60Frames, and I don’t even think it is an ‘official party message’.

So funny, and yet just a wee bit sad…….

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Is ‘Thriftism’ set to become the new ‘black’?

Posted by Lee on October 23, 2008

The economic storm has yet to effect the average New Zealander yet, but the clouds are gathering and people are already starting to think twice about what they buy, why they buy it, and how they flaunt it.

We live in a society where no matter what income bracket we are in, we tend to spend up to the limit of that stratum. Peer pressure amongst different groups has created an environment where there is a relentless need to upgrade, improve, extend, and visibly better ourselves.
Does this race to consume make people feel any happier? Not really, because it is a relentless, never-ending treadmill, with no rest periods in between the need to acquire.

However, that may all be about to change. Read the rest of this entry »

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International tourism’s ‘double whammy’

Posted by Lee on October 19, 2008

It’s already been a difficult time for tourism operators, especially those who’s destinations involve ‘long haul’ flights.

Although people’s incomes have been rising, so have the growing conversations about sustainability and how consumers need to think about the size of their carbon footprint they leave. You’d imagine that this would already be having some impact upon tourism, particularly in New Zealand where we are so far away from many of our more lucrative international tourist / traveller markets.

As if that wasn’t enough, the growing global ‘credit crunch’ is likely to exacerbate this problem. Perhaps it’s time for us to look at Australia as a short-haul, ‘home market’ – with flying times to NZ that are similar to flight destinations within Australia, it seems like it might be a good time to convince Australians to come down and check New Zealand out!

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“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” – but if you’re an agency, keep calm.

Posted by Lee on October 7, 2008

Yes I know, there’s already enough global financial doom and gloom at the moment. In the agency world, the last thing you want to read are more doom laden prophesies. So, instead, I’d like to draw attention to a pragmatic article I came across the other day. Read the rest of this entry »

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