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Love Distance – ‘Cyber Best in Show’ at Adfest 2009

Posted by Lee on March 23, 2009

I’ve managed to get access to the video case study. It’s a great piece of work by GT Inc, Tokyo for their client Sagami.

Check it out.


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Adfest 2009 – the party’s over

Posted by Lee on March 22, 2009

Well, just about to check out of Pattaya for the long flight home.

The final night of the awards was last night, and although there was no ‘after party’, everyone seemed to split up into groups to carry on. I’m not going to try and relay all the award results here but you can see who won what here. 

Last thoughts on Adfest. It’s a lovely festival, and although there were the occasional glitches, it adds to the charm of what is a very friendly show. There’s some amazing talent in the region, but a lot less of the rampant egotism seen in other ‘more western’ parts of the world.

I’ve made some new friends from countries throughout Asia Pacific, people I’ll stay in contact with and hope to see again soon. The other juries and jury presidents were cool people, and somehow, being at Adfest seemed to allow them all to be very approachable. The quality of speakers was excellent, and the sponsors that were there have given great support to the festival. The organisers of Adfest are doing a terrific job, and even though this was a difficult time for them, the whole event was positive, pragmatic and upbeat.

The continuous theme for all future Adfests will be “Made in Asia”, and I think that means friendly, warm, humble and talented!

OK, I’ve got a car waiting to take me to the airport so must go now.

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Adfest – the final night, “And The Cyber Best in Show is…”

Posted by Lee on March 21, 2009

What a difference –  Any glitches from earlier in the week were resolved by the ‘finale’ and although a long evening, there was a lot  of categories to get through. The show was pretty slick, and to keep it moving, all the awards were given out throughout the sit-down dinner. The categories awarded tonight included Film, Radio, outdoor, Lotus Roots, Innova, and of course, Cyber Lotus.

announcing Cyber Best in Show AdfestYours truly, announcing the 2009 Cyber Lotus ‘Best in Show’ at Pattaya Beach.

The Cyber ‘Best in Show’ was the stunning Sagami Condoms campaign, ‘Love Distance’ by GT Inc, Tokyo. Koshi Uchiyama, (our Jury Chairman), felt it

would be inappropriate for him to speak about why it had been selected, as

this entry came from his own agency.  Because of this, the organisers of

Adfest asked me to explain and announce the winner on the night – a task I

was delighted to do on behalf of the Cyber Jury.

NOTE:  I’ll try and post a copy of the ‘Love Distance’ case study video here

soon, but in the meantime the link above may give some insight into the

campaign (when you get to the site, select ‘English’) .

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Adfest 2009 – the festival begins

Posted by Lee on March 19, 2009

We did our final round of judging, to select the ‘Cyber Lotus Best in Show’, and to nominate some work for the new Lotus Roots category.
Like the other judging rounds, there was passionate discussion by all members of the jury, and we’re totally satisfied with what we’ve selected as the 2009 ‘Best in Show’, but again, details will be kept under wraps until Saturday evening’s Awards Ceremony.

Adfest 2009The festival officially opened today, and after the official opening, things kicked off with the Gunn Report 2008 – Asia Pacific Edition. Read the rest of this entry »

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Adfest 2009 – the judging is over (nearly)

Posted by Lee on March 17, 2009

The last few days have been a bit of a blur – 17 hours after getting to Wellington airport, I arrived in Pattaya, Thailand for the final rounds of judging the 2009 Cyber Lotus categories.

With just over three hours sleep, on Monday morning, off we went on our journey to find this year’s winners. Thankfully,I was kept well and truly awake because there were two full days of intelligent and passionate discussion and debate, with plenty of laughs and quality work for us to go through. Read the rest of this entry »

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Adfest Cyber Lotus – first round impressions

Posted by Lee on March 5, 2009

A high proportion of the entries were ‘competent’ which is a big improvement on some shows I’ve judged, where a huge amount of entries were quite awful and probably the result of some of the bigger agencies flooding the shows with ‘volume’ over ‘quality’.

Is this a sign that standards are generally rising? Or just that these tough economic times have forced agencies to be more selective about what they enter? I’m not sure, but whatever the reason, it’s an encouraging trend. However, ‘competent’ will not win awards – competent is just a hygene factor.

Here are a  few general ‘first round’ thoughts. Read the rest of this entry »

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Adfest 2009 – Made in Asia

Posted by Lee on February 23, 2009

adfest_logo_02I have been asked to judge the ‘Cyber Lotus’ award entries at this year’s Adfest, to be held in Thailand from 19 – 21st March.

ADFEST is an annual regional advertising event that celebrates creativity in the Asia Pacific region. It is a platform designed to elevate creative standards and promote communication within the advertising and production industry.

Creativity + Technology + Culture.

I’m particularly excited because there’s some amazing creativity in the digital space within the region. Technologically, some Asian countries not only have blistering broadband speeds, but are also streets ahead of us in take-up of the mobile channel. Then to really spice things up, between various countries, there are big differences in cultural norms. Language, urban culture, humour, design aesthetic and what constitutes ‘acceptable’ differ considerably, and it is the task of the judges to navigate through all of this. Read the rest of this entry »

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