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A ‘sign’ of the times? Enterprising brothel advertising

Posted by Lee on July 29, 2009

My good mate Hemi, the owner of Wakefield Hotel, a cool clothing and footwear shop in Cuba Street, Wellington NZ takes his camera everywhere with him for business and culture inspiration.

brothel_ads_for our timesLast week he spotted this just around the corner from his own store.

Yes, it’s for real – and a sign of the times maybe?

You just have to admire the operators of this ‘Gentleman’s Club’, don’t you? We’re all living in a retail hard sell “Sale, Sale, Sale” economy now – at least they weren’t advertising an “All you can eat” offer!

For those of you who may be interested in investigating this ‘Sale’ a little further, check out Il Bordello

For the rest of you who want to check out the best range of sneakers and urban threads in Wellington, go and see Hemi at Wakefield Hotel on Cuba!


4 Responses to “A ‘sign’ of the times? Enterprising brothel advertising”

  1. Ritsa said

    Clever… a challenge and a bargain all in one. Surely the average kiwi bloke can’t resist! Does the deal apply to women I wonder?

    • Lee said

      Ha – I don’t know the details of the deal, but let’s face it, they’ve probably calculated the odds of a guy getting more than one go in an hour based upon ‘user statistics’ 🙂

  2. Motella said

    So bloody brilliant I had to steal it!

    • Lee said

      You’re most welcome – when I read your comment I thought you’d actually gone and stolen the sign for your own place, however I’ve just checked your blog out – nice work 🙂

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