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So, what’s up with Twitter?

Posted by Lee on April 6, 2009


So, what do I have against Twitter?  Nothing. Nothing at all. That’s right, I think Twitter is terrific, and micro-blogging is here to stay.

What I do lose patience with is some of the people who have been bitten by the Twitterbug. Some people just don’t get it. It is too easy to clog up the feeds coming through onto other people’s mobiles and pc’s with inane tweets.

Some thoughts on Twitterquette:

  1. In my view, unless you are a genuine celebrity, guess what? Nobody, except perhaps your Mother, wants to read the minutia of your day to day life.
  2. If you want to have a real-time ‘chat-fest’ with someone you know, and your conversation will not be of interest to everyone else out in the twittersphere, then either send your friend a direct message,  go onto any one of a zillion live chat platforms, skype them, or if all else fails, send them a TXT message.
  3. Think about your personal brand – if you start to monopolise your followers tweet streams with irrelevant tweets, your brand will be eventually be irrevocably damaged as people tire of trawling through your rambling streams of consciousness. One pretty obvious clue to that happening is when people start to ‘unfollow’ you. It’s the twitter version of being the bore at a party, where you end up standing on your own in a corner, making small talk with the host’s pet cat!
  4. The greater the number of followers you have does not, in itself mean you are a member of the Twitterati. You’re not collecting stamps, these followers are real people.
  5. There seems to be an unfortunate correlation between those who clog up our Tweeteries with all their minutia and one-on-one chatting, and those who have added the Twitter Facebook live update app.  Ensuring that for the rest of us, there is no escape from the torment.

However, I do follow some people. Some of these include:

Stephen Fry -a prodigious Twitterer,  but intelligent, funny, well traveled, a comedian, actor and digital warrior!

Richard Branson – much less output, more ‘announcement’ oriented, but I live in hope that he may eventually decide to follow me!

Gordon Ramsey – the highly talented, exciting, foul mouthed chef. I’m waiting to see when he might actually send another tweet to go with his solitary entry of 28th January!

Mashable – now this guy sends a huge amount of tweets every day, but they are all gems for those of us in business, or love  digital and social media.

There are others as well – and these people are terrific, providing links to interesting articles, features and apps for the rest of us.

As for me? Well, I don’t think I’ll clog up anyone’s Tweeteries for some time because as of yet, I haven’t really had much to say that may be of interest to anyone out there – but believe me, when I do, it’ll be ‘gold’!

Twitter me to complain @ LPikon

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