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When your netbook suddenly thinks it’s a lampshade

Posted by Lee on March 26, 2009

skull-and-crossbonesThe bad news:

Last night, my new best friend ( netbook) decided it just didn’t feel like connecting to the internet.

After trying to connect up several times, I ran the Windows diagnostic program and  it identified a winsock / registry problem. After running the ‘fix’, I had to restart for the changes to take effect. Relieved, when my netbook restarted, I tried to jump back on the ‘net…… and nothing……

To cut a long story short, I decided to do a ‘full restore’, and this is where the sheer joy of stripped down ‘netbooking’ and ‘cloud computing’ come in. With virtually all my work files online, and pretty much nothing but the O.S. on my laptop, the only thing I stood to lose was my time, and some browser configuration.

The good news:

The ‘restore’ worked and less than 2 hours later I was back on line, with no vital documents / files / apps lost. Can you imagine doing that with a full blown, application and file laden laptop?


2 Responses to “When your netbook suddenly thinks it’s a lampshade”

  1. bala said

    tats gud point. cloud computing is usefull in maintaing datas in a remote server.
    but do u think it is safe to store all ur files online..?

  2. Lee said

    There are some ‘secure’ options on line, but to be honest, in the main I store my ‘commercially sensitive’ files on my server, and on my external HD – what I tend to leave in ‘the cloud’ are personal files, pics, other media, and presentations I’m working on.
    The main point is that I try to leave my netbook as ‘app free’ and empty of files as possible at all times 🙂

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