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Adfest – the final night, “And The Cyber Best in Show is…”

Posted by Lee on March 21, 2009

What a difference –  Any glitches from earlier in the week were resolved by the ‘finale’ and although a long evening, there was a lot  of categories to get through. The show was pretty slick, and to keep it moving, all the awards were given out throughout the sit-down dinner. The categories awarded tonight included Film, Radio, outdoor, Lotus Roots, Innova, and of course, Cyber Lotus.

announcing Cyber Best in Show AdfestYours truly, announcing the 2009 Cyber Lotus ‘Best in Show’ at Pattaya Beach.

The Cyber ‘Best in Show’ was the stunning Sagami Condoms campaign, ‘Love Distance’ by GT Inc, Tokyo. Koshi Uchiyama, (our Jury Chairman), felt it

would be inappropriate for him to speak about why it had been selected, as

this entry came from his own agency.  Because of this, the organisers of

Adfest asked me to explain and announce the winner on the night – a task I

was delighted to do on behalf of the Cyber Jury.

NOTE:  I’ll try and post a copy of the ‘Love Distance’ case study video here

soon, but in the meantime the link above may give some insight into the

campaign (when you get to the site, select ‘English’) .


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