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Adfest 2009 – the judging is over (nearly)

Posted by Lee on March 17, 2009

The last few days have been a bit of a blur – 17 hours after getting to Wellington airport, I arrived in Pattaya, Thailand for the final rounds of judging the 2009 Cyber Lotus categories.

With just over three hours sleep, on Monday morning, off we went on our journey to find this year’s winners. Thankfully,I was kept well and truly awake because there were two full days of intelligent and passionate discussion and debate, with plenty of laughs and quality work for us to go through.

OK, so who made it to finalist? Who went on to win Gold, Silver and Bronze – and in what categories? Well, all will be revealed on Saturday 21st March – what I can say is that I believe we were a firm but fair jury – and we took the time to move some work from one category to another if we felt that it would get a fair hearing in another, more appropriate category.

I’d like to thank my fellow jury members who were professional, diligent, and patient, especially when some members struggled with different cultural understanding (and language)  when looking at work from some of the Asian countries.

adfest-2009-cyber-juryFrom L to R: Kazuhiro Suda, Simon Wong, Lee Parkinson, Koshi Uchiyama, Karl Gomes, Doug Shiff, Andrew Berglund

So a quick thank you to our Jury Chairman, Koshi Uchiyama from GT Inc in Japan, and to my fellow judges. They are Simon Wong (JWT Connect Thailand), Karl Gomes (Redifusion India), Doug Shiff (Ogilvy One China), Andrew Berglund (Chiel Worldwide, Korea) and Kazuhiro Suda (Hakuhodo Japan). 

My thanks also to the organisers of Adfest. They’ve looked after us extremely well.The hotel is good,  amenities are terrific, food excellent, and I’ve been eating lots of free exotic fruit . In fact, the  only small critisism is that the coffee is bloody awful.

Tomorrow we are discussing who should get the ‘Best in Show’, and nominate some work for the’Adfest Lotus Roots’.  The theme for this year’s Adfest is “Made in Asia” and ‘Lotus Roots’ can be awarded to any number of campaigns that have a distinctly Asian feel – they just need to be authentic, in that they could only have been ‘Made in Asia’.


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