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Goodbye ’08

Posted by Lee on January 12, 2009

Well, I for one am happy to see the back of ’08.
It was a strange year. One that started so promising on the business front, but ended quite differently.
However, this wasn’t the result of the credit crunch, it was what happens when shareholders fall out.

It’s easy to take a ‘glass half empty’ view of things, but I’ve never believed in looking back with bitterness and regret. Instead, I try and discover what I learned from the episode – and there were a few lessons.
I learned about trust – and when not to trust too fully.
I learned about betrayal – and how to handle it.
I also learned a lot about support – unconditional, total support –  from family and loved ones.
And I learned about friendship – and how sometimes it’s the people you only considered acquaintances, who step up and are there for you, with no reservations.

So, to those who betrayed my trust – thank you. You have made me more resilient and determined than ever. Something we’re all going to need as the economic gloom descends upon the world.

To those who stood by me, an even bigger thank you, because you proved that if people work together, we can overcome anything.


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