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Good – They’re elected, so why am I conflicted?

Posted by Lee on November 10, 2008


Good for the world
I, like millions of others in the world, sighed with relief when Barak Obama was elected President of the USA. Years of the Bush legacy have left the international reputation of the USA in tatters. As far as the rest of the world was concerned, the USA had become the nation to distrust, and the desire for change was paramount. With the current economic woes of the world, a young, dynamic non-Republican US President, someone with oodles of energy and vitality to drive positive change, seems like a good prescription for the future.
Saying that, I also felt sorry for McCain. I have no doubt that he is a good, honorable patriot but he seemed like a man out of time – ten years out of time in terms of being the Republican candidate of choice.
He was on a hiding to nothing, and he had it all running against him. He was a Republican following in the wake of the carnage created by the Bush administration, the global credit crunch ‘hospital pass’, and to top it all off, his wonderful running mate, Sarah Palin, arguably the world’s first ‘manufactured politician’.
So, How well will Obama do? He is going to have to make some hard decisions to turn things around, and some of them are going to make him very unpopular. Also, his tenure may not be long as this presidential term could be a poisoned chalice, but let’s hope otherwise.

I’m conflicted: From an NZ business point of view, like it or not, A Republican win led by McCain, would have been a better outcome for New Zealand. He was an advocate of a free trade deal with us and other countries. Obama on the other hand, is not.

Good for our country
While the rest of the world has watched and analysed the US Election with great interest, down here in New Zealand, virtually un-noticed, we also had our own general election.
The real contest was between the Labour Prime Minister for the last 9 years, the indomitable Helen Clark, versus the National Party and their as yet, untested leader, John Key. Of course, we also have to suffer the added complications of MMP, which means there’s a range of other secondary parties who manage to muddy up the election results, and this leads to the inevitable coalition trade-offs.
Still, change is good, right? And as the National Party and their coalition partners won enough seats to form the next government, and National is a traditionally  ‘business friendly’ party, those of us in business got the result we wanted, didn’t we?

I’m conflicted: It’s a strange state of affairs when a Labour government introduces tax incentives for business R & D, and yet, National, the traditionally ‘business friendly’ party, has said that it intends to scrap these incentives. This may well, force entrepreneurial business start-ups to review whether NZ is the best base for their business ventures.

So yes, I’m feeling a little conflicted at the moment, but in these uncertain times, perhaps it is all part of the new reality.


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