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How to get a group of cynical ad industry people to have fun!

Posted by Lee on October 23, 2008

This video was taken at the 2008 Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, and yes, all those enthusiastic participants are international advertising industry people – a tough audience to crack!

AudienceGames is the brainchild of David Polinchok and the team at Brand Experience Lab in New York.

In 2007 they designed and produced this for msnbc.com, in partnership with SS+K for a Volvo campaign. Launched in a number of cinemas in the UK and USA, the campaign generated 33 million media impressions from the one day event!

The campaign has been internationally acclaimed by the industry, picking up 2 Gold Pencils at the 2008 One Show Interactive Awards, a Bronze Lion at Cannes, and named as one of the ‘best Marketing Ideas in the World’ by BrandWeek magazine.

To find out more and see an explanation video,

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Is ‘Thriftism’ set to become the new ‘black’?

Posted by Lee on October 23, 2008

The economic storm has yet to effect the average New Zealander yet, but the clouds are gathering and people are already starting to think twice about what they buy, why they buy it, and how they flaunt it.

We live in a society where no matter what income bracket we are in, we tend to spend up to the limit of that stratum. Peer pressure amongst different groups has created an environment where there is a relentless need to upgrade, improve, extend, and visibly better ourselves.
Does this race to consume make people feel any happier? Not really, because it is a relentless, never-ending treadmill, with no rest periods in between the need to acquire.

However, that may all be about to change. Read the rest of this entry »

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