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“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” – but if you’re an agency, keep calm.

Posted by Lee on October 7, 2008

Yes I know, there’s already enough global financial doom and gloom at the moment. In the agency world, the last thing you want to read are more doom laden prophesies. So, instead, I’d like to draw attention to a pragmatic article I came across the other day.

The main thrust of the article was that good agencies will not only survive the tough times ahead – they will innovate and adapt. The author of the article was Phil Johnson, the owner of a small agency, and a regular contributor to Ad Age. He came up with 6 ‘rules’ to consider, common-sense pointers to surviving and thriving while others lose their shirts (and heads):

1. Be agile.

2. Deliver savings.


4. Knowledge is power

5. Best foot forward.

6. Do not succumb to temptation.

Read the full Ad Age article here


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