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Mobile Internet and the physical world – Part 2

Posted by Lee on September 15, 2008

QR codes in marketing campaigns and the arts
Just to get the creative juices flowing, here are a few examples of the exciting spread of ‘Q code culture’.

UK: Banksy: The world famous graffiti / stencil artist, Banks, was quick to see the opportunity presented by QR codes. – this work incorporated a QR code, which when photographed takes you to the Wikipedia entry on him.

UK: Harrods and Design Museum: The following poster promoting the exhibition and lectures series, Design Icons incorporated a QR code that when photographed, takes you to a mobile website with full details of the expo, and an ‘email me full information’ form field.

Canada: Vespa: To reach a mobile savvy, fickle youth audience, Vespa placed QR Codes on posters throughout Toronto’s main centre. Once scanned, the codes automatically sent people to a mobile site where they could win Vespa mobile wallpapers, Vespa video ring tones, Free Vespa T-shirts, 40% off clothing at local Vespa Dealers, even win a brand new Vespa LX150, instantly.

Read the case study.

UK: Petshop Boys – Integrale: Concerned about the spread of ‘Big Brother’ and infingement of people’s personal privacy, The Petshop Boys decided to do a music video for ‘Integrale’, but with a twist, using the sort of technology they felt could be dehumanizing people in this grave new world – barcodes.
The initial release of the video was exclusively online.
Knowing that people could stop the music video using the sliders and pause controls on their media players, they embedded over 100 QR codes into the video to be discovered and photographed by people with camera phones and code readers. These codes opened people’s browsers onto websites focusing on human rights and personal privacy issues.
This innovative campaign won a Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival this year.


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